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Very impressive!  I haven't followed you before but I must say that your 5-1 record in week 1 was spot on. You don't usually find cappers with strong week one results. Not only were those plays really good but before the games I actually disagreed with 4 of them. Gutsy but solid picks. I like that!  I should have known better!  Next time I'll listen to you!  Nice site - Jake  (rcvd 9/9/2008)

I have followed you guys for such a long time and told all my friends at the office about you. Since using your football picks in our weekly pool, everyone thinks I am a football genius!  Overall I have been atop the pool every season thanks to you and plan to do it again this year!  The best part is that your picks are free! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  -  Ken

HEY, I'M NOT GREEDY!  That is why I play your top two picks every week.  I started with the very first week this year and have played them all.  I won almost 70% of my plays and have only good things to say about a service that provides results like these!  Keep up the good work.  I am using this year's winnings for Christmas shopping and I still have a LOT more left over.  -  H.S.

GO JOEY GO!  I use your service to play only your #1 recommended regular season NFL picks and usually play quite a few playoff picks.  I've been with you for almost three years now, and I've loved every minute of it.  So far this year, I have made nearly 5 times my money just by following your top NFL picks.  Let's keep it going! - P.M.

Nice going guys. The first week is always tough to predict pro football games and you guys did a great job,  I played a total of 4 games and thanks to you, I won them all!  Keep up the good work.  -  J.J.

I noticed that no matter how the season works out for you, you guys always kick butt in the postseason.  I have used your service for 2 years now, and I have followed you for nearly 4 years.  I will be playing all year long in, but I am again looking forward to the playoffs and Superbowl because you guys are the best postseason players by far!  Thank you for such a great service! - B.B.

I jumped on board and am so happy I did!  Followed you guys for some time now, and just joined your premium program during week 3 (2002).  I played your top 2 picks for both win-loss and over-under! I was very skeptical about your #1 pick because the Jets have owned the Dolphins for a very long time. You proved my skepticism wrong. Yahooooooooo!  I was 4-0 and already made enough to pay for your service for more than 4 years!  (note: our services are all free now)  Keep up the good work! - K.N.

Although a small, conservative bettor myself, I made enough on the Super Bowl from your advice to pay for your service for more than a couple of years! By the way, besides the winners given regularly on JoeyGeneva (most important obviously) I am really impressed with the e-mails regularly sent. I really like that. I have tried several services like yours over the years. Nothing even comes close to your service and quality site. A true class act.   -L.W.

Holy cow!  I have followed your NBA & NHL premium picks for only 1 week, and I am 7-1 combined on all my plays!  You've got a customer for life!     -K.S.   (NOTE:  WE NOW ONLY FEATURE NFL)

DO IT JOEY!! I like to play 2-3 games a night, although Joey picks more games than that, I limit myself to 3 maximum wagers a night. I have been playing Joey's 3 and 4 star units in NBA. For 3 days now I haven't lost 1. If this streak can continue, you have a customer for a long relationship. Thanks   -B.D. (NOTE:  WE NOW ONLY FEATURE NFL)

Your NFL picks have helped me make money for the last 2 years. Keep it up.   -I.W.

I have used your NFL analysis to check against my own plays. feel stronger about my plays when you agree and re-look at my plays when you disagree. I've found it to be very useful. Thank You!           -C.H.

Excellent service.  Keep up the good work!     -D.S.

I must say....quite impressive!     -H.C.

I never believed that a computer could actually do better than the odds makers, but you have proved me wrong for 4 years now!  Keep it up because I want to keep winning!    -E.W.

I've had a lot of fun over the past years picking games with my co-workers and would like to gain an upper hand!!! Thanks!      -T.F.

Love the 4th year playing your NFL picks   -R.H

I use your advice to make my picks in a family operated football pool.   -H.K.

Love your site, Keep up the good work.   -K.P.

Thank you for the great work!   -C.S.

We watch for your picks every week before we go bet our parlays--thanks!   -T.G.

First found you in the 1999-2000 NFL football season. Keep up the good work!   -T.S.

I visited your site last year. I use your site to beat my brother-in-law with the bets. Thanks for your help   -L.T. 

What a recovery!  2001 was a tough year for all the handicappers.  Glad you guys hung in there because you impressed in the postseason, and I was equally impressed by your Superbowl picks.  I played both the sides and Over/Under based on your recommendations, and won them both!!!  I also have to say that your up-to-the-minute weather updates on that brutal Oakland/New England playoff game were outstanding.  Needless to mention that you guys won the game, and helped me make even more money!  Good luck next year and keep up the good work. - T.C.