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2008 Schedule & Non-Member Commentary for NFL Week 1

WEEK 1 Notables:

If you played our top 3 sides and top 3 over/unders in week 1, you would have been 5-1!

Top 3 sides plays all winners.
Top 3 totals (over/under) plays 2-1

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NY Giants Thursday Night
Common logic tells us that the Meadowlands will be on fire tonight with the defending Superbowl Champs suiting up to defend their title in the 2008 home opener.  Fan enthusiasm and common sense tells us the Giants will be amped up and ready to play.  ..... sign up for our free picks and get the rest of this commentary

The Boys

.... This is one of those games we hate to avoid, because we feel that Dallas is a gimme at -5.5 against the lowly (and they will be low this year) Browns.  Joey G says....  join today and get the rest of this commentary.  Our hunch is that if this was mid-season, the Cowboys would be, join today and get the rest of this commentary

The Packers
Sure the Favre era in Green Bay is over, but the Rodgers era begins.  The Pack at a ------- rank is probably due to early season data and lack of historical data for a team with a new QB.  We think the Cheeseheads won't --------.  We get the feeling that if we were looking at a week 3 or 4 play, the Pack at -2.5 would be --------.  But again, it's opening week, and even the most seasoned bettors and handicappers are --------.  We point this out, merely because the Cowboys and Packers look to be -------.  Like the Dallas game, if you're a person who can't keep your money in your pocket, and just have to play something, the ------- picks look nice.  But remember, --------.

SUNDAY at a glance....


In 2007/2008, the Pats became one of those teams that makes Joey scratch his virtual head.  While this week's game --------, Joey traditionally loves the --------.  But last year's New England romp changed so much of that.  The Pats rolled so well that you'd have to stop and think twice before --------!  As with the Packers and Cowboys, this is one of those games that we-------.  For those of you who have followed us for the past decade, you know it's rare to see -------, but this week, we're doing just that; For two reasons: (1) -------, and (2) believe it or not, the data tells us that this spread is -------.  So who knows...we certainly don't.  Watch the game, enjoy the game but most importantly -------!

Eagles at ------

Love em or hate em, this -------.  While we don't see them winning a Superbowl title, we do like their chances -------.  As we said above in our Pats commentary, this is a large spread that Joey -------.  But not in this case.  With a fully functional McNabb at the helm in 2008 (let's hope it stays that way for the team's sake), the Eagles will be tough.  We really -------!  Will the Rams ever be good again or will they consistently relinquish their division title to the Seahawks for another decade?  We'll soon find out, but regardless, ------- the Eagles.



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Date Time (EST) Away Home
THU SEP 4 7:00 PM

NY Giants
SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM
Kansas City

New England
SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM
NY Jets

SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM
St. Louis

SUN SEP 7 1:00 PM
Tampa Bay

New Orleans
SUN SEP 7 4:15 PM

San Francisco
SUN SEP 7 4:15 PM

San Diego
SUN SEP 7 4:15 PM

SUN SEP 7 8:15 PM

MON SEP 8 7:00 PM

Green Bay
MON SEP 8 10:15 PM