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2008 Schedule & Non-Member Commentary for NFL Week 2

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The Hype
Hey, have you heard about Tom Brady?  Sheesh!  Enough already!  It's become the off-season's Brett Favre saga all over again.  OK, he's out. We know.  We heard - every minute of every day.  When the ESPN anchors aren't talking about it, the screen crawl is reminding us all night long.  It is a shame, a true shame and we feel for Brady.  But most of all, we feel for the fantasy footballers.  Funny as it seems, we're willing to bet that Brady's loss will impact fantasy football more than it does the NFL.  "Impact" is probably an understatement.  Brady's loss is crushing to fantasy owners, nevertheless, the Pats are still the Pats.  With arguably the best NFL coach at the helm, and a seasoned, well-prepared team on the field, -----.  From Joey G's standpoint, Brady's injury means nothing because the lines, power trends and plays will adjust accordingly as they did with the Jets' acquisition of Brett Favre.  The name of the game is ATS here folks and we've still got that daunting task ahead of us each week.  The Jets -1.5 over New England in week 2???  Did you ever think you'd see that?  Does it become any easier for Joey G to pick this game?  Actually, it's probably -----


Give the Dog Pound a Break!

It's not going to be an easy year for the Browns.  At times, they actually looked sharp against Dallas last week, but potential isn't enough to power any team into the postseason. One of our concerns this week - and the reason we asterisked the Pitt/Cleveland game is because Joey's data this week defies human logic in this game.  The Steelers ATS vs. Cleveland is outstanding, and Pittsburgh is once again going to be a team to be reckoned with.  ----- tells us the Steelers are -----.  BUT - and this is a big BUT - Joey's trends and data tell us -----.  So this is a tricky call.  Sure it's ranked right up there at #4, but if you're a Joey G "Top 5" player, you might want to sit on the sidelines for this one.  That being said, there have been many dozens of times we have personally disagreed with Joey's picks only fall victim to the Joey G picks and be proven wrong.  But we do like to remind our members of games that look good to Joey, but look poor to the typical fan, may just be games to avoid.  This game was so close data-wise that the smallest fraction of a point in the spread could have pushed this one off the board.  As a result, the "humans" here at Joey Geneva recommend -----.  Joey however, begs to differ.


Do you know that the Jets are 4-2 ATS vs. New England over the last 6 matchups?  Did you hear that Tom Brady is out and the Jets have a new QB named Brett Favre who supposedly has a lot of potential to make it in this league?  ----- with our injury updates and all the possibilities heavily considered, Joey ----- the points.  This could be one of our annual surprise picks, because we can tell you now that cappers -----.  Well Joey says "To hell with the cappers!" and goes his own way on this -----.  Like the Cleveland game, this is a #5 rank so the Top-3 players need not worry about this play.  While Mangini's history -----.  But Joey says he can defy the facts and come out on top with -----.  The "humans" say to enjoy the game but -----, while Joey says this can very well be our first surprise win of the year.  As for your own wallet, you be the judge.

How Low Can They Go?

The Rams stink.  Plain and simple.  They're a tricky team to predict however, because while they are going to look hopeless against top teams this year, this is one of those teams that may very well play like Superbowl champs against sub-500 opponents.  Joey G has always loved -----.  The game would absolutely go a different way if this one was -----, key injuries, the home crowd and every team's desire to knock off the defending champs -----.  This is one of those games you can never be comfortable playing, but the differentiation of the numbers this week was more than enough to make this our top sides play.

Let's Not Get Carried Away

Yeah the Bills handily defeated Seattle in week 1.  Or did id the Seahawks beat the Seahawks?  The start of this game had me thinking that Hasslebeck would go 2 for 45 passing with a QB rating of -4000, although he did finish just slightly better.  The Hawks are riddled with injuries, and now they're without Nate Burleson for the rest of the year. Hasslebeck simply wasn't throwing the ball in preseason due to injury concerns.  As a result, opening week basically featured the Bills in week-1 form vs. the Seahawks playing their first preseason game.  Joey G is -----.  Credit goes to the Bills for a convincing week 1 win of course, ----- for week 2, and we like -----.  Can anyone out there name three players for Buffalo? No offense Bills fans.



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Date Time (EST) Away Home
SUN SEP 14 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 14 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 14 1:00 PM
Green Bay

SUN SEP 14 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 14 1:00 PM
New Orleans

SUN SEP 14 1:00 PM
NY Giants

St. Louis
SUN SEP 14 1:00 PM

Kansas City
SUN SEP 14 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 14 4:05 PM

Tampa Bay
SUN SEP 14 4:05 PM
San Francisco

SUN SEP 14 4:15 PM

SUN SEP 14 4:15 PM

SUN SEP 14 4:15 PM
New England

NY Jets
SUN SEP 14 4:15 PM
San Diego

SUN SEP 14 8:15 PM

MON SEP 15 8:30 PM