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2008 Schedule & Non-Member Commentary for NFL Week 4

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Sure Joey hit pay dirt in week 1, but can he do it again in week 4 with the Falcons?  Atlanta is a surprising team this year, and Joey thinks ------.  While both teams enter week 4 with a 2-1 record, the Falcons have been scoring more points than we expected this year from the Vick-less offense while Carolina has actually allowed more points than they've scored.  When you review all the numbers that have come from both of these teams, ------.  While it's early in the season, a loss for either team in week 4 can have a profound affect on the rest of the season, so both teams will be up for this one.

Surprise...... again!

Call me nuts, but I personally like the Titans as our #1 sides play this week, but as you know, Joey rules the roost, so they're staying at ------.  Watching Kerry Collins run this offense might just have the Titans faithful saying "Vince Who??" by mid-season. Let's not forget the successes of Collins over the years, which includes a Superbowl visit with the Giants in 2000.  Additionally, we're looking at some ------ health wise.  At the very least, we're going to enjoy Albert Haynesworth and Steve Hutchinson beating the living snot out of each other throughout this game.  Wanna watch two guys who play their guts out on every snap?  Then watch the line on every Vikings snap in this one as the best guard to ever play the game in my opinion (Hutchinson) tries to stop a speeding freight train in Haynesworth.  I like the ------, but again...this is ME and not Joey's play. However, it's still ------ for Joey and for me so let's just call it a "good bet".

Excuse me?  Can you tell us where the end zone is?

I liked Carson Palmer's performance against the Giants last week, and think that ------ as long as Cinci didn't just wake up in week 3 because they were facing the defending champs.  Although they dropped the game to New York last week, this game could have easily gone either way.  In the end, Cinci did win the game easily ATS.  But Cleveland just cannot find the end zone and we'd be shocked if ------.  The power trends make this a strong top totals play and we'll be listening to Joey and playing this one as well.  You know.... anything can happen in any given week.  This is clear.  All that Joey can do is run the data against history, trends, injuries, etc.  The result this week is an overwhelming ------ in this game as long as history holds true.  This year features several powerhouses and a handful of busts.  For example, the Broncos and Chargers could each put up more than 30 points a game throughout the entire season while the Browns may just put up single digit scores for much of the year.  Will this be the first week that Cleveland connects their GPS to their helmets in search of the end zone?  44.5 points really isn't too difficult to attain when you look at typical scoring trends in the NFL.  However it is just so difficult ------ in this game when you're looking at a team with such poor offensive output like the Browns.  

60+ passes again?  We just might see it!

This is an easy one.  The air attack will be------ of the field as Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay look to rebound from an embarrassing home loss to Dallas last week.  Does Tampa need to air it out as much as they did in week 3?  Probably not, but how can you turn your back on something that won you the game one week earlier?  Brian Griese's arm ------ vs. the Pack.  This ------ is, in our opinion, interchangeable with our #1 totals play.




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Date Time (EST) Away Home
SUN SEP 28 1:00 PM

NY Jets
SUN SEP 28 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 28 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 28 1:00 PM

Kansas City
SUN SEP 28 1:00 PM
Green Bay

Tampa Bay
SUN SEP 28 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 28 1:00 PM

SUN SEP 28 1:00 PM
San Francisco

New Orleans
SUN SEP 28 4:05 PM

St. Louis
SUN SEP 28 4:05 PM
San Diego

SUN SEP 28 4:15 PM

SUN SEP 28 8:15 PM

MON SEP 29 8:30 PM