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2008 Schedule & Non-Member Commentary for NFL Week 6

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He's #1

Brett Favre still doesn't know the entire Jets playbook.  Brett Favre is still flying by the seat of his pants in about half of the Jets offensive drives.  But guess what?  Brett Favre is the top rated QB in the NFL right now with a 110.8 rating.  This is higher than any season ending rating Favre has ever had.  Combine this with a bye week that gave Favre an opportunity to study up on the playbook, rest his weary bones and prepare for week 6.  All of this, and -----. The spread opened up 2 points lower than its current value, and we liked the Jets at #1 then.  Our data now says that ----- with the line moving against the Jets, they're -----!  This will be a defining week for the Jets if they truly intend to contend. 


They're NOT #1!!!

My high school had a pretty good varsity football game back in the day.  I'm pretty sure they would be able to beat the 2008 Detroit Lions.  Actually, I think they young Tampa Bay Rays can beat the Lions, and they're playing a different sport.  While the Vikes have shown potential and are building for an improved future, Joey -----.  If I had to personally pick this game, I'd-----.  But as you know, we cannot stray from Joey's words of wisdom, and we're taking the ----- as our #2 play.  This is one of those games where you either show the faith in Joey G and go for it, or you simply sit it out.  The choice is yours, but this doesn't take away from the fact that the Junior Varsity Detroit Lions are still -----. 

No longer #1

The boys were my pre-season pick to take the whole thing this year.  Perhaps they still can.  And while Dallas is a proverbial powerhouse that can explode at any moment, they've shown that they can also implode at any moment.  With the Giants on cruise control, and the Skins emerging as a team to be reckoned with, the pressure is on Dallas to perform in this one.  Did T.O. really whine about not getting the ball enough?  Although we'll never know, frankly it's easy to believe and knowing TO's reputation, if he is actually beginning to complain, we know this is more than enough to shake up a team's synergy.  Couple this with Adam "Pacman" Jones attraction to trouble and his off-the-field scuffle with his bodyguard last week, and -----  If Curt Warner isn't -----, Joey likes -----.



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Date Time (EST) Away Home
SUN OCT 12 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 12 1:00 PM

Tampa Bay
SUN OCT 12 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 12 1:00 PM

NY Jets
SUN OCT 12 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 12 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 12 1:00 PM

New Orleans
SUN OCT 12 1:00 PM
St. Louis

SUN OCT 12 4:05 PM

SUN OCT 12 4:15 PM

SUN OCT 12 4:15 PM
Green Bay

SUN OCT 12 4:15 PM

San Francisco
SUN OCT 12 8:15 PM
New England

San Diego
MON OCT 13 8:30 PM
NY Giants