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2008 Schedule & Non-Member Commentary for NFL Week 8

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Chris Berman's Superbowl matchup prediction for 2008 was Seattle vs. Indianapolis.  One look at our power rankings and it wouldn't take long to realize that Chris was off his rocker.  I suppose the prediction wasn't all that crazy 9 weeks ago, although I wouldn't have chosen either of these teams to have a shot past round 1 of the playoffs.  While Indy is still sort of "hanging around", the rumors circulating around Peyton Manning's actual surgery count are never-ending, and the team's inconsistent play leaves many of us scratching our heads as we head into week 8.  So what we're left with as we look forward to the season's second half are more surprises, more shockers, more disappointments and a season in which a Titans/Cardinals Superbowl matchup is a far better bet than Seattle vs. Indy!

Nine weeks ago, this pick would have had Joey in a straitjacket!

Arguably, one of the logical choices to represent the NFC in the Superbowl this year was the Dallas Cowboys, though we, and many others, made arguments for the Giants and the Eagles.  Eight short weeks later and Romo's hurt, Pacman's sent packin' (again), T.O. is whining (again) and Wade Phillips' job is in question.  YIKES!  The turmoil in Dallas will most likely continue for the remainder of the season, but if the Boys are going to win anything this year, perhaps this is the week to make a statement.  Dallas is a team with explosive talent on both sides of the ball, and that makes this a scary pick. However, Joey loves ------- in this game and his power trends make it easy to see why.  We're taking ------- .

-------  the Big Game! 

OK, OK!  So it's the big game and arguably the most intriguing matchup of the season.  Big Deal!  Joey's ------- ...  The reason is simple:  This is our tightest game of the week, with Joey's point differential ATS resulting ------- .   Of course, for the serious Joey followers, anything below a #5 rank is essentially a "No Play".  This game is one we ------- .  Personally, it's a tough one as well.  Ever since the refs handed the Steelers a Superbowl XL victory by the in '05 (and only an hallucinating Steelers fan would dare dispute that), I've been down on the team.  They're good this year, sure.... but they're boring.  They've been boring since the era of Swan, Harris and Bradshaw ended; They were boring the year they won it all; They will continue to be boring for a time to come.  The Giants on the other hand, have been interesting to watch this year and this week's game will be interesting as well as we anticipate the arrival of either confident Eli Manning or dejected Eli Manning.  This is the first true "test" game since last year's Superbowl for Manning, and we think he'll react well. Should be a good one to watch, but -------  in Vegas!



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SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM
Kansas City

NY Jets
SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM
San Diego

New Orleans
SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM
St. Louis

New England
SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM
Tampa Bay

SUN OCT 26 1:00 PM

SUN OCT 26 4:05 PM

SUN OCT 26 4:15 PM
NY Giants

SUN OCT 26 4:15 PM

San Francisco
MON OCT 27 8:30 PM