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Our top NFL picks of the week have returned consistently high winning percentages over the past five years. In a 15-game NFL week, our record could be 8-7, but the 8 winning picks are likely to be among the top 10 ranked games. Our members receive the weekly rankings for all games, including the top recommended plays for over/under lines!. Most often, we don't recommend playing any games that are outside of the top 5 ranked games since the forecasted score differential is often too close to call in the lower ranked games. Our members receive up-to-the-minute line changes, updates and play rankings.

  CLICK the image on the left for a sample shot of our new weekly NFL Picks Game Card. You will quickly see the variety of features offered for each week's picks. In addition to just the sides and totals plays and rankings, we will still be offering our detailed commentary on each week's key games!
  NFL Picks & Handicapping Services by include:
NFL Pick of the Week

Premium Service includes NFL picks of the week for as they are launched to the site each week. This is important to note because our pick of the week has consistently returned the best performance ratio. That's right! Between 60-70% over the past five years!
Sides Rankings (Best to Worst)

As weekly picks are released, the Geneva Forecasting engine will rank the picks in the order it feels the picks should be played, from best to worst.
Over / Under Predictions

Yes, we have over under! Our visitors have been screaming at us for years to include this, and as a result of offering premium services, we are moving into our third year of complete over/under coverage.
Over / Under Rankings

Yes, we have over under rankings too! Not only will you see our over/under selections for the games, but we'll also rank them in order of best to worst.
NFL Power Trend Ratings

The biggest factor in Joey Geneva's decision making process. See how our forecasting technology is ranking the teams, and learn how and why the games are picked as they are.
Analysis, Commentary & Discussion

Sometimes, there is more that goes into each pick. There may be some intangibles necessary to pick any given game. If and when that is the case, our premium members will be sure to know about it. Other reports, such as key injuries and breaking news will be featured.